Zimbabwe – Mbare Market

It’s been a few years now since our last trip to Africa.  My wife (who was born in Zimbabwe) and I try to return to the region of South Africa every few years and the last time we were there for a Wedding in Cape Town we decided to make the trip down to her hometown of Harare, Zimbabwe.  The market in Mbare is well-known for it’s local artefacts, piles of bargain clothing (donated across the world from people thinking they are contributing to charity organizations).  The media/film/photography industry is not looked upon in a good way in Harare at present due to political unrest and upon arriving at the market we were advised to be discreet with the camera as police often frequent the area and hassle journalists.

We hope to return again perhaps to capture a wedding in the Victoria Falls area so if you are getting married and it ties in with our travel dates we can make miracles happen.


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