New Zealand – {Road Trip}

When Jesse Hisco asked us if we wanted to join them for an impromptu road trip through Middle Earth aka New Zealand, our answer was hell yes!  Travelling through Winter and exploring the hills of the South Island was going to be an adventure of a lifetime for us.

So we landed in Christchurch and set off for our epic 2 week roadtrip towards Queenstown with Jesse, his other half Alina, their room mate and buddy Mike AND awesome videographer Andy Hardy. (Safe to say, the imagery capturing side of things was covered)  We can highly recommend Apollo Campers if you intend on roadtripping yourself across the island in Winter.  We hit some pretty thick snow in some parts and the campers held up a treat!

Capturing a wedding in New Zealand would be an all time dream, definitely on my bucket list – so if it’s something you’re planning please get in touch and let’s make it happen!

Favourite spots would have to include Mount Roy in Lake Wanaka.  Conveniently there is a little church with an epic view located nearby, you MUST check it out – Church of the Good Shepherd.

Hope you enjoy our road trip album!  Wedding season has now begun for us so I can’t wait to blog again a little later in December… until then I hope to see/hear from you on my Instagram page 🙂

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