Baxter Barn Wedding – Teegan + Mahatia

Every single time I look through Teegan + Mahatia’s images I get an overwhelming sense of joy for their love so I’m finally getting it up on the blog so others can share in this beautiful experience – it baffles me today as I write this that there is so much debate happening in our country at the moment as to legalise same-sex marriage or not.  Looking through this day and the moments shared by these amazing souls, how could you possibly deny this?  When I first met the girls, we spent a few hours just chatting about how they met, their proposal, their day and so much more – we connected instantly and it was not long after that I received this email –

“We really loved meeting with you both today and we sincerely appreciated the time you gave us. Before getting into the booking details, I just wanted to say that in our “debrief” on the way home, we were both struck with the conscious effort Christian made to get to know us; as a couple and as individuals. It was so refreshing that his first questions didn’t revolve around timing or price, he was genuinely interested in getting to know our story and what makes us tick. This, coupled with both of your attention to detail (down to the fruit water, chai teas & chocolate), as well as Christian’s understanding of the importance of human connection and general emotional intelligence; seriously won us over. We both have no doubts of his ability to capture the emotions and feelings of our day. 

We just wanted to give you guys that feedback and let you know that as well as the great photos Christian makes, it was the personal connection that ultimately made our decision for us. We were actually supposed to be meeting with another photographer tomorrow, but we have cancelled that meeting, because we would love to go ahead and book Christian! Our mantra for planning our wedding has always been to do our day the way we want it, rather than to do what is expected of us or what “usually happens” at weddings. We’ve taken out all the bits we didn’t want to do (like the first dance) and put in bits that we want to do, even if they’re not traditional”

Before their wedding day I met up with the girls for a Connection session at Sunny Ridge Strawberry farm. So as you can imagine, by the time their Baxter Barn wedding day came around we knew something pretty special was about to take place.  Dressed in their Grace Loves Lace dresses, they chose to do a “First Look” before their ceremony, one of the most emotional experiences I’ve witnessed – I highly recommend considering this for most of my couples.  Because of Mahatia’s Aboriginal heritage they included a smoke ceremony performed by her mum to acknowledge the land and to signify cleansing their souls before making this commitment to each other. The amazing Dee Brinsmead officiated the ceremony and we’ve both agreed we’ll be getting back together once Australia legalises same-sex marriage!


wedding details flower crown layflat wedding details first look smoke ceremony lesbian wedding Australia baxter barn wedding peninsula wedding photographer Venue: Baxter Barn

Flowers: Be Always Blooming Studio

Band: Hurricane Duo

Hair + Makeup: Sophie Knox