About Me

A little bit about me…

The joy in my Grandfather’s eyes as he placed each negative into the slide projector was infectious.  Before we knew it we had spent the whole
afternoon into the early evening reminiscing over moments that he’d captured over the course of my families’ lives.  Were they all in focus?  With perfect composition? No, but we were hypnotized and felt we were a part of the story he had told through his lens. The remainder of our trip through Germany and Europe consisted of my wife trying to drag me away from behind my own camera lens.

When I returned from overseas I started taking photos of anything and everything I could to get to know my camera, and soon enough discovered my love of connecting with people, their raw vulnerability with each other and eventually capturing the most epic day of their lives as a couple.

Nowadays you’ll find me living on the beautiful coast of the Mornington Peninsula in Australia with my wife Shani, who is also my assistant both in the office and on location.  We have the absolute honour of capturing couples’ Weddings and limit these once in a lifetime jobs to just 30 per year as an immense amount of love goes into them before, during and after.

I am inspired by the emotional honesty that can be taken in a photograph and my work reflects a natural style allowing me to listen to your story
rather than direct it. I love being able to create an atmosphere where a couple can be their authentic selves in front of my lens.

Let me tell your story…

Destination Wedding Photographer